Who we are

Welcome to the Brotfabrik

The Brotfabrik Bonn is a social cultural center in a municipal building offering theatre, cinema, courses and workshops. It is build up by various institutions:

The „Kino in der Brotfabrik“ (Cinema) presents all featured movies in the original version with German or English subtitles. The programme focus centers around cineastic special interests as well as art house mainstream movies. The scope includes Youth and School Festivals as well as the International Mute Film Festival by Förderverein Filmkutlur, which takes place in summer at the main building of the beautiful University in Bonn.

The „Brotfabrik Bühne“, (Stage) presents classical theatre, dance theatre and a variety of other types of theatrical entertainment for audiences of all ages. Concerts and music festivals of many genres are also encompassed in our range. Additionally, the „Stage of the Brotfabrik“ hosts „Kunst ohne Strom“ (Art without electricity) during summer at „Grüne Spielstadt“ in Bonn-Dransdorf, presenting outdoor acts like wire dancers, acrobatic performances, small unplugged concerts and more.

If you´re looking specifically for excellent children and youth theatre, Theater Marabu will be your first choice. They present their productions at many significant regional and national theatre festivals and have given guest performances in 16 different countries. With „Junges Ensemble Marabu“ and „Kinder Ensemble Marabu“ they support not only young talents, but also children and teenagers interested in acting .

You need a well-deserved rest? Or just cold drinks during the show? Maybe you’re up for some good food? Come to the KulturKneipeBrotfabrik, relax and get news about upcoming Jazz or Intercultural gigs at our „Kneipe“.

interKultur is our partner concerning education, dance courses, a wide range of workshops, and much more. One focus of attention is the integrational education of migrants, to give them a chance to form a network of social and cultural connections.

Another important part is the „Kreative Werkstatt“, which focuses on dancing courses for children and young people. Highlights like HipHop & Breakdance or Modern Dance courses are offered for kids aged 4 years and up.

Our Foyer offers a chance to sit back and observe the people moving to and from the Cinema or the Stage. Alternatively, you can check out the exhibition of our „Gallery in the Foyer” which features the works of local artists. You can visit the Gallery throughout the whole day for free. Most works presented are for sale.

If there are further questions don´t hesitate to get in touch with us: